We Did it! 

A huge thanks to all those who sponsored and donated. It was quite an adventure, but me made it, only just, but we made it





This is a list of things we still need before we set off on our journey. If you have anything lying around that you think we could use, please let us know. Anything is helpful


Camouflage nets 

Very small Ladder - This is so we can climb up from the car into the turret. 

4 x Reflective jackets

2 x Warning Triangles for the car 

If you don't have anything lying around, you could donate a few quid, It all goes to a good cause. It very easy, just use the Paypay Donation on the right hand side. 


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Already donated

Roof-box (for the turret) any condition, preferably squarish and the bigger the better. It doesn't need to lock or have any brackets, its just the box we need. Donated - T'ank you :)

Any Army surplus :-
Army ammo boxes Donated - T'ank you
      4 x Uniforms Donated T'ank you

2 long 'Whip' aerials (like the old CB aerials) they don't need to work, just long whippy aerials. These have now been Donated, T'anks a lot :)

Small Welsh Flag  Donated Tank's a lot

Small Union Jack Donated T'ank you

 Twin pack of breathalyser

 Spray Paint / Vehicle paint - To decorate tank (Camo colours)

Drainpipe (plastic) about an 8 -10 foot length would be good

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Any donations will be greatly received and divided equally amongst our 3 great causes.