We Did it! 

A huge thanks to all those who sponsored and donated. It was quite an adventure, but me made it, only just, but we made it





Our 'Planned' Route
(this may change depending who's driving)

Day 1.
We will be setting off from a location in Denbighshire yet to be finalised at 11am on Tuesday 6th June 2017. 
We'll be making our way to the M6 then south to the M25 an onto Dover. We will be stopping gin Dover overnight.

Day 2
We shall be registering with the official hosts along with the rest of the teams.
We shall then get the ferry over to Calais, then travelling down the coast to Rouen, France.
We will stay in Rouen overnight.

Day 3
After a nice continental breakfast we shall travel south to Le Mans to stay for a short time to have a look at the 24 hr circuit.
Moving on south to Bordeaux for nice relaxing evening (maybe) 
We will stay overnight in Bordeaux.

Day 4
Again still heading south, we will make our way to Pau, the birth place of the Grand Prix circuit.
Then through the Pyrenees into Spain and on to Zaragoza.
Hopefully we will have time to sample the local cuisine.
We will stay overnight in Zaragoza.

Day 5
The last leg of the drive, on to Benidorm.
Heading to Valencia, Maybe a short stop if there is enough time. then down the coast to Benidorm.
We will meet up with the rest of the teams for a couple of well earned beers, or maybe even a few more.
The Vehicle will be sold in Benidorm to a local dealer and the money will go into the charity fund pot.
We will stay overnight in Benidorm.

Day 6 
Its a bus to the Airport and a plane home.

Now thats got to be worth a £5 donation dosn't it?



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Any donations will be greatly received and divided equally amongst our 3 great causes.