We Did it! 

A huge thanks to all those who sponsored and donated. It was quite an adventure, but me made it, only just, but we made it





Advertising / Sponsorship prices

We have 2 places you can advertise :- on our 'Tank' or on our website.

Our website will be very active on the run up to and during the event.


On our Tank:- 

Location Cost Quantity
Rear Window  £150
Below rear window (half) £50  2
Door Panel £30  4
Bonnet (SOLD)  £100 1
Rear of Turret £30 1
Side of Cannon (one side sold) £25 2


On our Website

Location Cost Quantity
Side box on 1 page (2 sold) £35 6
Side Box on all pages  £100 2

 If you wish to advertise, please email us with your request. 

You can then either donate the amount directly using the donate button, or if you want we can send you a payment request.



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Any donations will be greatly received and divided equally amongst our 3 great causes.